Wednesday, July 08, 2020  
  Building Plan Guidelines 

Any home owner wanting to prepare architectural/building plans is required to consult the building guideline document before preparation of such plans. The guidelines are available for download under - Estate Documentation - . This is the process to prepare and gain approval, firstly from the Homeowners' Association and secondly from the Local Authority. It is the responsibility of the owner or the appointed architect to ensure that the latest version of the guidelines are used as reference 

  • It is recommended that the chairperson/responsible person is contacted (contact details are to be found under Trustees) and 2 paper copies and an electronic PDF of the plan is provided for the architectural committee to review and comment on the proposal with respect to conformity to the bulding /architectural guidelines. One copy remains with the LAHOA for record keeping purposes. The stamped approved paper copy together with electronic copies are to be submitted to the Local Authority for approval

    It is advisable to submit the proposal at sketch plan stage if there is any doubts about conformity to the development guidelines

    Plans must be submitted to the chairperson or any other trustee, with the scrutiny fee payment made out to the Homeowners Association

    Architectuarl Committee approves, or provides comment on the drawings, Scrutiny Fee of R1500.00 is payable for the scrutiny and approval

  • Submit the drawings to the Council's Building Control Section for approval.


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